Why You Should Hire An Attorney Who Specializes In Personal Injury

Question: When hiring a personal injury attorney, what are some of the top things that a person should think about?  You mentioned already — if a client comes in and gets the brush-off from an attorney, then it probably doesn’t bode well for a lot of attention that they’re going to get.  What other kinds of things should a person be looking for?

Stephen Counts: I think even more important than first impression is determining at the outset whether the attorney that you’re interviewing focuses exclusively on personal injury and serious bodily injury as their practice area.  They don’t have to be a Certified Specialist, but you do need to confirm if they are focused on plaintiff-oriented personal injury claims as their primary area of focus. 

Why You Should Hire An Attorney Who Specializes In Personal Injury
The reason for this is clear.  Many people might be referred to a family friend or an acquaintance that is an attorney, and that attorney is licensed to practice law, but that attorney is not going to be able to advise you as to the ins and outs of the claims process like somebody who is vastly more experienced.  If an attorney takes more than 200 cases any given year involving bodily injury, that attorney is going to have a lot more experience dealing with that particular area than somebody who practices business litigation or bankruptcy or family law or something of that sort. 

In other words, a person driving a Ford wouldn’t hire an Audi mechanic.  In like manner, a person with an injury claim wouldn’t hire a probate attorney.  If you need a personal injury, please call my office: (714) 851-2890.


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