Personal Injury Attorney Provides Personalized Service

First Things First
The first thing that we do when we take on a case is we personally come to your location to go over all the necessary paperwork.  That’s right.  If necessary, we will come to your house or your place of employment to save you the inconvenience of travel.   We will come after hours or during the work day, whatever is most appropriate.

At the point that we make the decision to make you as a client a priority of ours — by accepting your case — then we take all the necessary steps to not only keep you well-informed about what to do and what not to do, but to immediately document any injuries by taking photographs, documenting damage to any vehicle or other property by taking photographs immediately; we send our investigator out to do a full investigation of any accident site or location where you got injured if liability is at issue, among other reasons. 

Here Is A Partial List Of What We Handle During Our First Meeting With You:

  • We go over all the necessary paperwork
  • We explain everything to you 
  • We give you a seven-page printout of what to do and what not to do 
  • We explain how best to handle your injuries from the point that we meet you to the point that everything is resolved and your case is finished 

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