Personal Injury Fees

Routinely, we get asked about the topic of fees, “Are there any up-front costs or fees?”  Or, “How much will it cost to hire you as my personal injury attorney?”

So, What’s The Deal With Fees?
That’s a good question because with some attorneys there is a fee for consultation, cost advance and things of that nature.  In my case, we advance all costs, we charge you nothing up front, and if we don’t recover anything on your behalf, we’re not entitled to any recovery for ourselves.  So in a very real sense, I think it’s important to understand that once we take on your case, both you and I are in the same boat. 

We Have An Equality Of Interest 
I have an interest in doing the best possible job, in maximizing your case and your recovery, as you do.  And the only thing that we ask in return is that you are diligent and responsible and take our advice with regard to following up on medical care, documenting injuries, not doing anything stupid by going out and getting hurt again if you can at all avoid it, and staying in contact with me and my firm.


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