Evidence Collection and Calling an Attorney after a Car Accident

What if you are the one at fault in a car accident, should you still collect evidence or merely hope that the other side doesn’t get proactive in that regard and take your chances?

Frankly, I would never suggest that anybody fail to collect evidence, because they think that evidence might not be in their favor.  That’s a decision that an individual has to make, but I would always encourage somebody to collect as much evidence as possible so that the truth comes out.  I’m not interested in suppressing the truth of what happened.  The more evidence that there is, the more truth is going to be ascertained.  A lack of evidence leads to conjecture and speculation.  And that leads to a suppression of truth.  So, I would never suggest that anybody not collect evidence just because they think that it’s not going to work in their favor.

How soon after you are involved in an accident  do you need to call an attorney?  Do you need to call  on a Sunday or even a holiday?

My short answer is — ASAP — as soon as possible.  If you’ve gotten the police report and you’ve gotten medical treatment and it appears that the situation has stabilized, calling an attorney is a good next step.  I would say, though, that the first thing that you should be concerned about — and your primary concern throughout the entire process — is taking care of your own physical wellbeing and the physical wellbeing of your friends and family that might have also been involved.  Because that, ultimately, is what’s going to affect you the rest of your life.  An attorney’s involvement is very helpful in giving you advice and direction and what to do and what not to do, but ultimately — without your health, what do you have?


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