Calling On Behalf Of Others

Can I call an attorney on behalf of another person?

Here’s a hypothetical scenario: let’s say you’re with your mom and you’re driving to the airport and get in a car accident. You are okay but she’s hurt and a little skittish about hiring an attorney and doesn’t want to really go down that road. Can you still call on her behalf and hire an attorney to represent us both?

You can always call on somebody else’s behalf to get the attorney’s feedback and see if it sounds like a case that would be worth getting an attorney for that. I think there are a variety of reasons why somebody may not want to get an attorney even though they are injured and even though they may experience some problems with the insurance company or whoever the wrongdoer was who caused the difficulty for them to begin with. A lot of those questions also can be answered by an attorney to either clarify the situation, clear up any confusion they may have, point them to the right direction of what medical care to get, what to do, what not to do — whether they decide to actually retain the attorney at the end of the day is really their own choice. But you can absolutely call on somebody else’s behalf.

To get clarification about your specific situation, call me right now at (714) 851-2890.


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