Orange County Car Accidents

Has the volume of your cases gone up or down in the last few years for Orange County car accidents?

The volume has minutely decreased, but the quality and the size and the gravity has dramatically increased. What’s happened is that I’ve had to become more selective — and my firm’s had to become more selective — about the cases that we take. And in a sense we’ve allowed enough clients to come to through the front door to keep the lights on and allow us a comfortable life and allowed us the freedom to be more selective. I would never want to have so many cases that I can’t give any particular client the treatment that they deserve, so I am always going to keep my case load to a certain controllable level. And if things continue along the track that they have been, the type of cases and the quality of the cases will continue to increase.

In terms of the future what do you see in the next five years?

Well, for one thing, I see the advent of our online presence increasing. Just in terms of a resource for clients and a resource for the attorneys and my firm. What I would like to see happen is to have a website or several websites be implemented (as one or two already have) that are an active resource for both existing and new clients, as well as the public at large, and one that I can interface with the clients on a direct basis as well. My website makes communication easier and more effective with existing clients with regard to their claim and even tons of other people. Ultimately, it’s my strong belief that a happy client is one that’s going to refer me and my firm out to friends and family and neighbors or somebody who asks for a referral. So it’s my goal to keep my existing clients happy and offer them services like an online portal. And that’s in development now.


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